Against The Grain Factory Store

Against The Grain Factory Store

How lucky are we that Against The Grain Gourmet is based right here in New England? Tucked into the back of a business park in Brattleboro, VT, the factory also operates a delightful little retail shop, complete with viewing windows into the factory itself.

Against the grain factory store
Against The Grain Factory Store


The retail shop is definitely worth a visit. There are always frozen pizzas, crusts, rolls, bagels, and other standard items available for purchase, as well as factory seconds.  But it’s the other stuff that’ll wow you. The Against The Grain Bakers are always experimenting with new and unique products, and these, too are stocked in the freezers. The selection varies, but on the day we visited, there were mini cupcakes, mini bagels, cheesecake bars, chocolate macaroons, brownies, biscotti, pretzel bites, vegan cheese sauce and more. Some of these products end up in stores, and some don’t, but take it from us – it’s all delicious and really fun.

against the grain factory store

While you’re poking through the freezer for gluten-free gems, the kids can watch the magic happen through factory viewing windows. They might see pita breads rolling down the line, products being packaged, and whatever else is being produced that day.

So…if you’re traveling anywhere near Brattleboro, Vermont, you MUST make a detour to visit Against The Grain. Whether it’s for a savory snack, a sweet treat, or to stock up on pizza crust, this place is worth a visit. And bring a cooler.


Against The Grain Gourmet Factory Store
22 Browne Ct.
Brattleboro, VT 05301


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