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Restaurant Reviews


Flatbread Pizza Company

By Samantha Levine of Gluten-Free Reality. Check her out on Instagram and Facebook!   Anytime I’m asked about where the best place for gluten-free pizza is in Providence, I always give the same answer: Flatbread Pizza Company. Lucky for us New Englanders, […]

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Auntie Cathie’s Kitchen

We just love digging up little GF gems, and Auntie Cathie’s Kitchen definitely qualifies. Auntie Cathie recently moved her entire operation from West Springfield to this charming historic building in Agawam, MA, adjacent to a some offices and lovely shops. […]

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Celiac on the Street


Is Your Sushi Safe?

Is Your Sushi Safe? That Depends….   One of the most common questions we’re asked is about sushi. It also has one of the most complicated answers!  Of course, rice, fish and seaweed are inherently gluten free. But that doesn’t mean that all […]

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Parenting Gluten Free


Tricks, Treats & Gluten Free

By Colleen Brunetti, M.ED., C.H.C., author of “Aidan the Wonder Kid Who Could Not be Stopped: A Food Allergy and Intolerance Story” Halloween is fast approaching, and if you have little gluten free gobblins at home, you’re probably already […]

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