Bliss Bee: Gluten-Free Fried Chicken in Burlington

Ever go looking for gluten-free fried chicken in Burlington, VT? Whether you have or not, we’ve got  the place.

Bliss Bee, self-described “Farm To-Table Fast Food,” hast two locations in Burlington and Williston, and both do an amazing job with their gluten-free options.

gluten-free fried chicken in Burlington VT
Image: Bliss Bee

The Bliss Bee menu sates “All menu items are gluten free, or can be made gluten free upon request,” and they mean it. To start, ALL of Bliss Bee’s fried chicken is gluten free. That’s right – all of it. They also use dedicated fryers for french fries and sweet potato fries. Menu options include burgers, crispy chicken sandwiches, salads (GF croutons!), grain bowls, and hot dogs. They also offer a kids menu, and vegan, nut-free smoothies in all kinds of flavors. They’ve got traditional shakes as well.

gluten-free fried chicken in Burlington
Image: Bliss Bee

Bliss Bee’s locations are not dedicated gluten free, but they do follow excellent food prep protocol, and are a local gluten-free fave, for obvious reasons.

gluten-free fried chicken in Burlington
Image: Bliss Bee

So if you’re charting a summer trip through Vermont, put Bliss Bee at the top of your must-eat list. If you don’t have a trip to Burlington on the calendar, get one on there soon!

*Bliss Bee is not a dedicated gluten-free facility, but they do go to great lengths to avoid cross-contamination. Always use your own judgement when eating out.

Bliss Bee
1185 Shelburne Rd.
South Burlington, VT 05403
(802) 540-3090

30 Hawthorne St.
Williston, VT 05495
(802) 540-0094

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