Celiac-Safe Calzones? Yes, Please!

Looking for safe, gluten-free calzones? Head to the new Danvers Pizza and Subs in Danvers, MA.


gluten-free calzones

John Ellis and his wife Chanda recently opened the place, with the idea of offering both traditional and gluten-free options, in a safe environment. Ellis worked for many years at Red Heat Tavern, where he learned about allergen protocols, and honed his food prep skills. So you can be sure that he knows how to manage cross-contamination.

Ellis uses frozen, pre-sheeted gluten-free dough that can be folded into calzones. It’s defrosted it in a dedicated space and prepared in a separate area, using separate sauce and equipment. He also opens a fresh bag of cheese for every gluten-free order, and bakes all GF pizzas and calzones on special, oversized pans. The gluten-free dough is not vegan, but dairy-free cheese is available, and the kitchen is completely nut free.

gluten-free calzones
GF chicken broccoli alfredo calzone


Ellis is happy to chat with customers about allergens, and is always working to provide alternative options. Right now they’re takeout only, but delivery is coming very soon.  Since opening over the summer, Danvers Pizza and Subs has been super busy with both traditional and GF business, even selling out on some nights.  Hint: get your orders in early on the weekends.

So go ahead and indulge in a calzone or two, or three. Safe GF calzones like these aren’t easy to find, and you’ll be supporting a new business working hard to provide excellent food for the gluten-free community!

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Danvers Pizza and Subs
136 Andover St.
Danvers, MA 01923
(978) 880-7959

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