Celiac-safe Treats Delivered by Mrs Claus and Santa!

If you live in Connecticut, you’re in luck. Mama K’s Cookie Jar, a small dedicated gluten-free bakery in Canton, delivers. And, if you were lucky enough to make it onto Santa’s list this season, you can have your treats delivered by Mrs. Claus herself, with Santa along for the ride!

Mama K has always been an avid baker, but when she was diagnosed with celiac disease a few years ago, everything changed. When she started baking her favorite Italian cookies gluten free, friends and family couldn’t tell the difference, A bit of encouragement and a short while later, Mama K’s Cookie Jar was born.

She now makes a full line of baked goods, from Italian cookies to sheet cakes, custom cakes, wedding cakes, brownies, cookie trays, cupcakes and more. And, we can honestly say that her sugar cookies just might be the best we’ve had. (And we’ve had a LOT)

Santa and Mrs. Claus delivery slots sold out fast this year, but don’t let that stop you from ordering, because there’s something special about Mama K’s stuff.  And be sure to mark your calendar for next Christmas so that you too, can get a special delivery. Or, send a delivery to someone special!

*Mama K’s Cookie Jar is a dedicated gluten-free facility, but does use other allergens.

Mama K’s Cookie Jar
Canton, CT
(860) 307-6196

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Gluten-Free Treats Delivered in CT

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