ExtraSpecialTeas: Dedicated Gluten Free in Great Barrington

There’s a really special dedicated gluten-free bakery in Great Barrington, MA. Appropriately named ExtraSpecialTeas, the place is a self-described “visionary non-profit teahouse.” They employ “young adults with intellectual and developmental differences who have aged out of school, and who are employable with support.”

dedicated gluten-free bakery in great barrington

The kitchen at ExtraSpecialTeas is dedicated gluten free. They make everything from biscotti to scones, brownies, truffles, and their signature power bars, infused with tea. Everything is vegetarian, and only natural dyes are used. There’s comfy indoor seating, which reopens to the public on July 1st. Until then, you can purchase at the door and sit in their big, colorful, outdoor garden area.

dedicated gluten-free bakery in great barrington

dedicated gluten-free bakery in great barrington

Many items are available for purchase, including Tiesta Tea, handmade and tea-related items, dog treats and more. ExtraSpecialTeas also hosts live music (check the website), and are committed to supporting community causes.

ExtraSpecialTeas runs a vocational day program, and prides itself on being a safe haven for anyone with special needs and their families. “We brew belonging” is prominently displayed on their homepage, and they mean it. So no matter where you live in the region, this place is worth a special trip. Great Barrington is already charming little town, and where else can being gluten free actually help the community?

2 Elm St.
Great Barrington, MA 01230
(413) 645-3247


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Dedicated gluten-free bakery in Great Barrington

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