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    Lisa BoisvertLisa Boisvert

    Hi. My 17 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with cielacs disease. I’m not sure where to start with this. Last few days we go buy new foods to try and it sits unopened. It’s almost like she is in denial about this.


    I had the same issue with my son when he was diagnosed in high school. He “hated” all the GF foods. Said he’d rather not eat. It’s pretty daunting if you ask me. For the kid and the parents. You hate to see your child struggling but you also know that the GF food isn’t so bad. It took a few months, but my son eventually came around. He was DX in 10th grade. It’ll probably take some time for your daughter to get there. Now we’re looking at colleges and that’s a whole other story. Maybe if you ate the GF foods with her? Make it like a tasting that you could do together? These days they’re so good, although I know it’s not all about how it tastes.

    I’m about to post about colleges in the teen forum. It’s in the general chit chat section. Maybe ask your question there too?

    Amanda BeaumontAmanda Beaumont

    Try this article – it’s not a ton of colleges, but it’s some.

    Katie PKatie P

    Mine is just diagnosed as well – is she any better?

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