Gluten-Free Pretzel Buns at The Malted Barley

The Malted Barley sure makes us feel special.  With locations in Westerly and Providence, their menu revolves around craft beer and hand-rolled, specialty pretzels with dipping sauces. They can do it all gluten free on request; even gluten-free pretzel bun sandwiches!

gluten-free pretzel bun sandwiches
Gluten-free soft pretzels with apricot butter and mustard


The menu is pretty simple. A huge list of soft pretzels, from just salted to chipotle pepper + smoked gouda, along with all kinds of interesting house-made dipping sauces. Flip the menu over for a bunch of sandwiches, all available on gluten-free pretzel buns. The gluten-free pretzel buns are vegan as well, and made separately to avoid cross-contamination. (There are also salads, if you’re into the low carb thing.)

gluten-free pretzel bun sandwiches

The kitchen is not dedicated gluten free, but the staff at all Malted Barley locations are well-trained, and they take your safety seriously. We started off with gluten-free pretzels and dipping sauces, which were delicious and fun (top pic). For lunch, we had the 100% vegan black bean burger (pictured above), and it was sooo good. The idea of being able to eat a pretzel bun was as delicious as the sandwich itself.

The Malted Barley offers plenty of gluten-free beers and ciders to complete the experience, and they even offer “pretzel waffle” sundaes for dessert, also available gluten free. What’s a pretzel waffle sundae? Please go find out and tag us!

gluten-free pretzel bun sandwiches
Dining room at The Malted Barley in Westerly


Juno Beach, Florida is home to the third Malted Barley location, and you could even open one yourself. Check their website for details – please! Meantime, we highly suggest making a special trip to Providence or Westerly to give The Malted Barley a try. You can thank us later.

*The Malted Barley is not a dedicated gluten-free facility. Always use your own judgement when eating out. 

The Malted Barley
42 High St.
Westerly, RI 02891
(401) 315-2184

The Malted Barley
334 Westminster St.
Providence, RI  02903
(401) 490-0300

The Malted Barley
14121 Us-1
Juno Beach, FL  33408
(561) 264-6258


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