Kane’s Donuts: Now Dedicated Gluten Free!

Kane’s Donuts, with three locations in Greater Boston, just might be the ultimate celiac-safe, gluten-free donut shop.

celiac-safe gluten-free donuts
GF Devil’s Food Cake and Lemon Poppyseed donuts Credit: Kane’s Donuts


Not only has Kane’s made amazing traditional and GF donuts for years, but in March of this year, they converted the kitchen of their flagship Saugus location to 100% dedicated gluten free. This means that they cleaned and sanitized the kitchen head to toe, and now only make gluten-free donuts in it. For that, they deserve a huge hug…just as soon as hugs are allowed. First, a little history.

celiac-safe gluten-free donuts
Kane’s flagship Saugus location. Credit: Kane’s Donuts
Kane’s History

Kane’s started as a cherished little mom and pop donut shop in 1955 in Saugus, MA. Decades later, with their popularity waning, Kane’s was purchased by the Delios family, and thus began their return to frosted fame.

Gluten-free donuts have been on the menu and made separately for years at Kane’s. In fact, they were one of the first GF donuts we ever tried that were actually kettle-fried in traditional donut fashion. And boy, they did not disappoint. But, the fact that they were made in a facility with gluten ingredients was a no-go for some, and legitimately so.

Kane’s took notice of the rising percentage of customers requesting gluten-free items, and in March of this year, took the big step of creating a dedicated gluten-free kitchen at the Saugus Flagship store.

Now they offer a huge range of celiac-safe gluten-free donuts, from the ever-popular Old Fashioned Chocolate to Blueberry Blast to Pumpkin Spice, and whatever other fun and crazy flavors they dream up.  The best part is that all Kane’s GF donuts are dairy free and nut free as well. They use a combination of various GF flours for their recipes, along with a little avocado here and there, and we dare you to taste the difference. They carry twelve – yes twelve “KGF” (Kane’s Gluten Free) donut flavors daily, listed below:

KGF Old Fashioned Glazed
KGF Old Fashioned Coconut
KGF Old Fashioned Chocolate Frosted
KGF Cinnamon
KGF Devil’s Food Chocolate Glazed
KGF Chocolate Coconut
KGF Chocolate Butter Crunch
KGF Blueberry Blast
KGF Lemon Poppyseed
KGF Apple Cider
KGF Pumpkin Spice

KGF Maple Bacon

Celiac-Safe Gluten-Free Donuts
From top left to right: Blueberry Blast, Cinnamon Sugar, Devil’s Food Chocolate, Coconut Old Fashioned, Old Fashioned Glazed, Plain Chocolate Frosted, Chocolate Coconut Credit: Kane’s Donuts


To keep us safe, all of Kane’s GF donuts are stored separately at each location to avoid cross-contamination. They go fast, though, so go early or call first, and we’re not kidding!  Be sure to check Kane’s social media accounts for any daily specials, and even if donuts aren’t on your to-do list, follow them anyway for some pretty entertaining donut posts.

Thank you, Kane’s for your continued commitment to providing incredibly delicious and safe donuts for New England’s gluten-free, celiac, and allergen-free communities. We’re proud to add one more accolade to your list!

Kane’s Donuts Locations

120 Lincoln Ave.
Saugus, MA  01906
(781) 233-8499

1575 Broadway (Rt.1)
Saugus, MA 01906
(857) 317-2654

90 Oliver St. (Downtown)
Boston, MA  02110
(781) 558-5179

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