Nick’s Gluten-Free Kitchen: Safe Treats + Celiac Support

A celiac disease diagnosis is daunting. School, work, social events and vacations – they all suddenly contain inherent risk, and it’s up to you to protect yourself. The transition is isn’t always smooth, and the learning curve is real. Jess Foye, a Kittery-based licensed clinical social worker, celiac, and bakery owner, wants to make it all a little easier.

When Jess was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2016, she struggled with feelings of isolation and frustration, but knew she wasn’t alone. After embarking on her social work career, she dreamed of helping other celiac sufferers to eat safely, and to connect with others on the same journey.

In 2020, Jess opened Nick’s Gluten-Free Kitchen, named after her brother, who also has celiac disease. Her mission is to provide “Education, Creation, and Support.”


Jess bakes out of her dedicated gluten-free home kitchen, delivering and selling products at farmers markets and local cafes. Business is growing fast, and with it, the number of locations to purchase her treats.




Jess and Nick, her celiac brother, host a podcast called “Gluten Free Coast To Coast,” where they cover good, the bad and the ugly about living gluten free.


A licensed clinical social worker, Jess plans to create community and support groups for everyone from the newly diagnosed to old-timers. She also offers one-on-one counseling, with a focus on people suffering from autoimmune disorders.

To learn more about where to buy goodies from Nick’s Gluten Free Kitchen, the podcast, and counseling, check out their website and social media at the links below. Thank you Jess for your commitment to educating, supporting, and feeding New England’s gluten-free community!

Nick’s Gluten-Free Kitchen website
10 Shapleigh Rd.
Kittery, ME 03904
(978) 494-6075


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