Pasta Life: Certified Gluten-Free Pasta Straws!

Remember when compostable straws were in the news? We heard about straws made from paper, pasta and even ‘straw.’  Celiacs across the country questioned the safety of these straws, many of which claimed to be safely gluten free…

gluten-free pasta straws

Then Pasta Life arrived, and with it, a new era of gluten-free compostable straws.  Based in New York, Pasta Life makes straws using rice flour and vegetables,  imparting no flavor to beverages. The straws stay firm for up to 40 minutes in drinks, and are designed to be 100% biodegradable, breaking down in less than 90 days (2x faster than paper straws). And – here’s the best part – in the event that these straws end up in the ocean, they can be safely consumed by marine life.

gluten-free pasta straws

Pasta Life straws come in lots of fun colors, and can be purchased online by the box or wholesale.  Pasta Life was scheduled to attend our cancelled July 2020 expo in Greenwich ☹️, but we’re excited that they’ll be offering a pasta straw giveaway for our 10/24/20 Expo To-Go in Connecticut. Only drive-through attendees are eligible to win a giveaway, so pre-purchase your bag of gluten-free goodies now! 

Pasta Life 

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