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What are the dining guides?
They’re collections of eateries offering safe/vetted gluten-free options for major regions of New England and NY. Each guide contains 40-100 restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. They rank quite highly on Google.
Click here to see the dining guides main page, or select one from the list below:

dining guideS PricING & Options

Standard Dining Guide Listing
6 months $75
12 months $99


  • Establishment name, address & phone
  • Link
  • 1 image
  • Blurb with details you provide
  • Alphabetically listed

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Promote your current Dining Guide Listing
3 months $75

  • Your listing at the top of the guide as one of the first three options.
    Labeled as “Sponsored.” 
  • This cost is in addition to a Standard Dining Guide Listing 

Change/update your current Dining Guide Listing
$25 administrative fee per update

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General Dining Directory Prices & Options

What is the General Dining Directory?
It’s our largest database of restaurants, bakeries, and businesses offering GF options.  The directory can be searched using food type and location filters. Click here to see the General Dining Directory.

Add a listing to the General Dining Directory
$35 yearly per listing


  • Establishment name, address, phone
  • Link
  • 1 image
  • Blurb – you provide details

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Change/update your current listing in our General Directory
$25 administration fee per update

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Gluten-Free Dining Guide Listing Registration Form

  • All inquiries are vetted to confirm menu items and cross-contamination protocols. Inclusion in the dining guides or directory is not guaranteed. 
  • We receive many requests. Please allow 5-7 business days for a response.  If your establishment is approved, you’ll receive a link to upload all details and payment. 
  • Thanks for doing your part to help our audience eat safely and deliciously! 

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