Mac’s Chatham Fish & Lobster Company

The Chatham Fish and Lobster Company in Chatham, MA does what we wish every seafood restaurant did. They serve ONLY gluten-free fried seafood from dedicated fryers. This means fried clams, shrimp, fish & chips, onion rings, french fries, chicken fingers and more – all deliciously safe! You can also get any of their sandwiches in a gluten free wrap, and plenty of other seafood dishes and salads. And, of course there’s always the raw bar. So the next time you’re on the cape, this place should be at the top of your list! (Gluten Free Fried Clams Cape Cod)


(508) 945-1178

1291 Main St, Chatham, MA, USA


1291 Main St, Chatham, MA, USA


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