Jake’s Seafood Restaurant

Jake’s Seafood in Hull, MA has gluten-free fried seafood from dedicated fryers. We’re talkin’ popcorn shrimp, clams, fish and chips, french fries, onion rings and more. The best part is that ALL of their fried seafood is gluten free – this means all customers eat gluten free, whether they requested it or not. And no one knows the difference. There aren’t any gluten free markers on the menu – you have to ask – but when you do, they totally get it. And that’s exactly what we need! So do yourself a favor and go enjoy the view and some onion rings – you can thank us later. (GF Fried Seafood Boston)

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(781) 925-1024

50 George Washington Boulevard, Hull, MA, USA


50 George Washington Boulevard, Hull, MA, USA


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