Natasha Wellness Prepared Meal Delivery

Based in Boston, MA, Natasha Wellness cooks customized meals and delivers them to your door. All her meals are gluten free and mostly dairy free.

Are you a super busy person who wants to eat good to feel good but you keep ordering delivery because there’s just not enough time in the day to meal plan, shop and cook? You don’t know what to eat, what foods are good for your body or what a proper portion size is? You’re curious about trying superfoods that you wouldn’t normally buy. You’re on a specific diet like Whole30, paleo, vegan or gluten free and need support. You’re spinning your wheels trying to reach your goals but not seeing results?

Natasha is well-versed with diets that eliminate potentially problematic or allergenic foods: gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, autoimmune protocol, low-fodmap, etc. She’s here to take the worry of cooking off your plate (ha-ha) and make your meals safe, as well!


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(857) 496-5952

Winthrop, MA, USA



Winthrop, MA, USA



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