Sweet William’s Bakery and Coffeeshop – Salisbury

Salisbury Gluten Free Bakery: If you’re in Salisbury enjoying the beauty of northwest CT and you’re hankering for a sugar fix, try one of Sweet Williams’ locations. At 17 Main, they have a coffee bar and yummy treats. At 19 Main, they have ice cream and desserts. Unlike the standard flourless chocolate cake which we (gratefully) find in many restaurants these days, Sweet William throws in the occasional flourless, gluten-free cookie, including chocolate nut and lemon lavender.  He also can make any cheesecake with an almond crust.  Call first to check today’s offerings. Sweet!

Salisbury Gluten Free Bakery

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19 Main St, Salisbury, CT 06068, USA


19 Main St, Salisbury, CT 06068, USA


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