The Queen’s Cups

The Queen’s Cups in Worcester, MA is one of those places that you just gotta visit when you’re in the area. Located in a restored warehouse, they’re seemingly always busy, and for very good reason. Along with all of their traditional baked goods, they make gluten-free and gluten-free/vegan cupcakes. They prepare their GF items separately, and they store them away from all the others to limit the chance of cross-contamination. Not in the mood for a cupcake? They also make excellent cookies and a flourless brownie with peanut butter topping that’ll knock your socks off. There’s an adorable area to enjoy you treat, with live music at times. Custom orders are welcome; not a dedicated GF facility. (Gluten Free Cupcakes Worcester)


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(508) 459-9600

56 Water St, Worcester, MA, USA


56 Water St, Worcester, MA, USA


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