Gluten-Free Watchdog: they’ve got our backs

Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration does not require manufacturers to test their gluten-free foods for gluten contamination?  Cross-contamination can happen in multiple places along a product’s path to you including the fields, manufacturing plant, transportation, packaging […]

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Wegman’s: Gluten-Free Groceries Gone Wild

Wegman’s is a pretty cool grocery store. If you’ve never been to one, picture a beautiful, massive store with wide aisles, excellent customer service, an incredible prepared food department, and the biggest gluten-free selection ever. Just browsing their multiple aisles […]

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Pinkies up for gluten-free high tea!

Cold weather’s coming, and hot tea can help. Check out this list of places across the region where you can get your high tea gluten free!   Did we miss one? Email your favorite to and we’ll add it […]

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