Celiac-Safe Sprinkles!

Sprinkles may seem like a small detail to others, but to us, they’re super important. In fact, we’re asked so often about them, that we decided to make a list of celiac-safe ones!

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Gluten-Free Donuts: Our Top Picks!

It’s not news to anyone that donuts are no longer just another breakfast treat. From fancy flavors with exotic toppings to wedding “donut walls,” the days of just glazed are definitely over. Lucky for us, there’s no lack of safe, delicious, and fun gluten-free donuts in New England.

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Gluten-Free Stuffing Mixes: We have choices!

It’s almost Thanksgiving – do you know what that means? Stuffing. And, thanks to the proliferation of gluten-free stuffing brands, we now have choices – lots and lots of them. Here’s a rundown of gluten-free stuffing mix options, as well […]

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